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Legacy Planning

Estate and gift planning will help shape your financial priorities. Most clients want their wealth to impact their future family generations or charitable causes. We work to understand and define those goals. Legacy Planning incorporates many aspects of a financial plan, including life insurance, investments, and tax planning. Using that understanding and knowledge of the available tools and difficulties that intergenerational wealth transfers can present, we help our clients formulate and execute a plan to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently (with the expertise of local estate planning attorneys & accountants).

Our clients stick with us year after year (and sometimes, generation after generation) because they know we are committed to their best interests. Whether you’ve been a client for one year or 20, we devote time to understanding the unique challenges and opportunities in your financial portfolio.


You have worked hard to accomplish your goals and provide for your family. We can help you with legacy and estate planning strategies in order to help ensure your loved ones are taken care of for generations to come.

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If you'd like to learn more about Legacy Planning at Phase Financial, please contact:


Kelby Owens



Kirk Brownfield


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